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Frequently Asked Questions

At HealthSpire we're dedicated to simplifying Medicare and helping you feel good about your coverage selection. Below are some of the most common questions our licensed TeleAgents hear every day. If you have any other questions, or just want to learn more about your Medicare options, don't hesitate to give us a call (888) 392-0262 (TTY:711).

A: Happy Birthday! HealthSpire loves our Boomers who are turning 65 and now need to make those very important decisions regarding Medicare coverage. A, B, C, D or F and G? We know it can be confusing, so give us a call and take a few minutes to let one of our TeleAgents help you become familiar with your local plan options, rates, and things to think about when deciding on your very first Medicare insurance plan.
A: When calling your TeleAgent, it helps to have your red, white and blue card ready to help identify options and eligibility. Don't have your card? That's okay, with a series of questions we'll be able to help you determine your options today.
A: When you first contact our team, we will immediately connect you with a TeleAgent licensed in your state to sell Medicare and other insurance solutions. From here, your personal Medicare Agent will help to assess your needs, answer any questions, and compare local plans and rates.
A: Original Medicare is a Government program that helps cover your Hospital (Part A) and Medical (Part B) services and supplies. You can enroll in Original Medicare during the 7-month period that begins 3 months prior to your 65th birthday, includes the month you turn 65, and ends 3 months after the month you turn 65.
A: You might not know, but Original Medicare has no annual out of pocket maximum. It also doesn't cover your Prescription Drugs, and has no Dental, Vision, or Hearing Benefits. If you're enrolled in Original Medicare you should consider a Medicare Advantage Plan or adding Supplemental insurance to give you more coverage and make sure you're protected.
A: Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies, like Aetna, Cigna, Coventry, UnitedHealthcare and others, who are contracted by the Federal Government to provide Part A and Part B coverage. Many Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage, while some offer additional benefits like Dental, Vision, or Hearing. One added benefit of a Medicare Advantage plan is that they have a yearly limit on out-of-pocket costs, unlike Original Medicare. Once you reach that limit, you'll pay nothing for covered services for the rest of the year.
A: One of the most complicated, but also most important decisions you'll need to make is the choice between keeping Original Medicare and adding a Medigap and standalone Prescription Drug plan (Part D) or switching to a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C). Unfortunately, there's not one easy answer as everyone's situation is different. There are many factors that can influence which is the right choice for you. Cost, coverage, prescription drugs, provider networks, and ability to travel are just a few factors that might impact your decision. Our licensed TeleAgents, understand the details of each product, and are available to discuss your options. Calling our licensed agents at (888) 392-0262 (TTY:711) can save you hours of research and give you confidence in your choice of coverage.
A: We know that Dental, Vision, and Hearing coverage is important for seniors. If you only have Original Medicare, you'll need to pay the full cost for dentures, hearing aids, glasses, and even routine check-ups and cleanings. If you want coverage for these services, you have two primary options. First, you could purchase a standalone Dental, Vision, and Hearing plan that works independently from Medicare. Second, you could switch from your Original Medicare plan to a Medicare Advantage plan that includes Dental, Vision, and Hearing coverage. Which one is right for you? In reality, that's a question that's best answered together with one of our licensed TeleAgents. They understand the pros and cons of each option, and can help you make the right decision for your personal situation. Call us at (888) 392-0262 (TTY:711) and we'll help you get the coverage that's right for you.