How Medicare is responding to COVID-19: Learn more
Medicare is responding to COVID-19: Learn more
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Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance for Seniors

See clearer. Hear better. Smile bigger.

Original Medicare does not cover dental, vision or hearing expenses. Without separate dental, vision, and hearing coverage, you could have to pay the full cost for everything from routine care like check-ups and cleanings to necessary medical devices like dentures, hearing aids, or glasses.

These costs can quickly add up. For example, the national average for a porcelain or ceramic crown without insurance coverage is $1,070.

With a dental, hearing, and vision plan, you can get coverage for:


  • Routine dental check-ups, cleanings and fillings
  • Annual series of dental X-rays
  • Dentures, dental plates, root canals and crowns
  • New and replacement hearing aids
  • Eyeglasses and vision screenings

Whether you need simple cleanings, or crowns and root canals, eyeglasses and hearing aids we can find the level of coverage that makes sense for you. Give us a call today (888) 392-0262, (TTY:711) to explore your options.


With Dental, Vision & Hearing, you've got options

Medicare products

Dental, vision, and hearing coverage can be structured in a few different ways. For example, PPO plans offer flexibility on which provider you’d like to see. HMO plans keep costs down by providing coverage to a specific network of providers who have pre-negotiated a lower fee for service.

Or, instead of a stand-alone dental, vision and hearing plan, you can choose a Medicare Advantage Plan that includes this coverage. Be careful though, not all Medicare Advantage Plans do. It’s important to review the Summary of Benefits with a knowledgeable agent to make sure you get the coverage you need and aren’t surprised by a bill you do not expect.

Give us a call today (888) 392-0262, (TTY:711) to see if a dental, vision, and hearing plan is right for you.

Your dedicated, licensed HealthSpire TeleAgent can listen to your needs and help you make the right choice

At HealthSpire, our mission is to help simplify Medicare coverage and help you find the right plan for you.

When you call us, we assign you a dedicated TeleAgent who will listen to your needs and goals, then make recommendations from the wide array of plans we offer from a range of insurance carriers. They’ll discuss affordable plan options, how to get coverage for essentials like dentures, glasses, and hearing aids, and help you decide whether a standalone or Medicare Advantage plan is a better fit for you.

And once you decide the right fit for you, our team is here to walk you step-by-step through the enrollment process and support you once READ MORE you’re ready to use your coverage.

To get assigned a dedicated, licensed TeleAgent committed to simplifying Medicare and medical insurance for you, just call (888) 392-0262, (TTY:711) from the comfort of your home at your convenience, or click here to schedule a time for us to contact you.


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